What is (a) Spiritual Genius

Spiritual Genius is a powerful presence within each of us. It is the place in each of us where the Divine meets the human.

In ancient Latin, "spiritual" meant "breath" and "genius" meant "animating spirit." By ancient definition, Spiritual Genius is the internal, automatic, life-giving spiritual and physical breath of our spirit which nourishes, inspires, guides, sustains and animates our life on earth. It is the one thing all living things have in common and it is our core connection with God and the Universal Divine Energy.

Spiritual Genius is present and available all the time.

The gardener finds a divine idea concealed in the seed; loosed into action this idea produces a plant. The scientist finds energy concealed in the atom. The geologist finds it in the colored layers of stone. The term, Spiritual Genius demonstrates that an intuitive knowledge is present in everyone and in everything.

We all have it; some of us just use it more often that others.

And when we do use it, we navigate our path and direct our lives from a purposeful place. We cannot be disappointed, we cannot be alone, we cannot sustain pain.

Spiritual Genius provides all of the answers to all of the questions inside everyone. This is the pathway for unlocking your personal Spiritual Genius and to live your life from a center of happiness and joy.

All of this is possible when you awaken your Spiritual Genius and begin to use its power and purpose in everything that you think and do.

"So close is the union of creation with the Creator, that it is
impossible to say where one begins and the other leaves off."

Ernest Holmes, "The Science Of Mind".